You must meet my uncle

“He speaks Norwegian!”

Ingeborg and I tried to stay unnoticed in the background.


I am close to 2m tall, we were the only white people there and we both had our big cameras with us.

Sri Lanka wedding

We stood out like two white people at a wedding in a dusty town in the north of Sri Lanka.

We had just spent a couple of hours in a tuk-tuk touring the northern point of Sri Lanka and had plenty more of driving to go. My ass was aching, the road was dusty and we were looking for a reason to take a small break. So when we accidentaly drove past a wedding, we stopped and had a look.

It didn’t take long for people to notice us. And when they learned that we were from Norway, we just had to meet the uncle! Turned out he had been a refugee during the civil war, living in Norway.

Sri Lanka wedding


In the middle of nowhere, way up north in Sri Lanka, we met a local who spoke Norwegian. Ingeborg went back the next day and had lunch with the family, and had a truly splendid time.

Sri Lanka wedding

Lately, I have been thinking about How To Plan For The Unexpected While Travelling. Is it possible? I’m thinking it got to do with being open for new experiences, and have the time for it. Don’t overschedule your trip!

What is your 5 cent on this subject? Has anything amazing happened to you while travelling? If so, why do you think it happened?

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