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How to move a WordPress-site

This article covers how to move a WordPress-site, be it to a new server or a new domain/address.

Moving WordPress site to a new server

When you move your site to a new server ( -> the URL stays the same, so there is little to none configuration needed during the move.

Copy the database

Process: copy all information in the databse to the new server.

Using software like phpMyAdmin, you can connect to your database-server and export all your information. You will find your server address and login credentials in your wp-config.php. Export alll your tables, and import them on your new server.

I like to use Sequel Pro (Mac only) to manage database servers, as it lets me manage multiple servers from one software. Windows users: check out SQLPro for MySQL. I haven’t tried it, but it looks to be pretty much the same as Sequel Pro.

Copy your WordPress files

Download all your WordPress files through FTP (I use CyberDuck and FileZilla) to a local folder.

You need to update the wp-config.php with the new database information, so do this before you upload your files to the new server.

Database info in wp-config.php

Flush caches etc.

It might be a good idea to flush caches after moving your site.

Moving a WordPress site to a new domain

Moving a site to a new domain is a slightky bigger job than just moving server, but its not that difficult if you follow these steps.


  • download all files and database (keep as backup)
  • login to your existing site and input new URL in Settings ==> General
  • download all files and databse again and update wp-config.php with new server information
  • upload files and database
  • fix problems with internal linking

Internal links problem after migraton

If you have a big site that uses a professional/advanced theme, you might find that your site is not functional after the move. This is because many of your links still points to your old site.

If you have access to the Dashboard after the migration, you can you may use plugins like Better Search Replace to update your internal links. Then fluch caches.

If you lost access to your WordPress site after the migration, you have to fix the linking in your databse. Login to your database server and do a full backup before changing anything. Do a “search and replace” in the table wp_posts, and access to your site should be restored.

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